SOTA – COSMOS ECLIPSE (without vacuum, tonearm and cartridge)


One of the best American turntables

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1” aircraft grade aluminum platform with acrylic. 22 lbs. balanced to your tonearm.


Individually-balanced, one-piece, cast aluminum platter, CNC precision-machined, internally damped. 9 lbs. Topped with vinyl mat, (with molded silicone vacuum lip and anti-static Groove Damper Mat on vacuum tables)

Platter Fixture

Stainless Steel shaft, machined sintered bronze sleeves hand fit for each table. Platter levitates on the force of opposing magnets.

Armboard Mount

Multi-Layer Acrylic

Power supply

2”x1.25”x2.75” Wall-adapter, 120V or 240V compatible (13”x8”x5” transformer box for Vacuum tables)


3-phase brushless DC motor with Phoenix Engineering Condor motor control. .01 RPM adjustment, <.5% signal distortion, +-.003% frequency accuracy. Paired with Phoenix Engineering Roadrunner tachometer to constantly monitor and adjust platter speed to within +-.005 RPM of desired speed.


33.3 & 45 rpm with independent fine tuning


3 layer acrylic, one layer aluminum, 2 layer lead, also weight balanced to tonearm of choice

Dust Cover

available upon request


Oak, Walnut, American Cherry (custom available upon request)


Two year parts and labor


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