PRO-JECT – SIGNATURE 12 PIANO (without cartridge)


Signature 12 is an audiophile marvel, that represents our championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music!

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Mass-loaded subchassis design.
Magnetically decoupled main platter.
Resonance-optimised alloy.
Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball.
Flywheel belt drive.
Motor control system with LC display.
Single-pivot tonearm.
High gloss metal surface.
Piano-lacquer chassis with magnetic decoupling.

Technical specifications:
Speed: 33, 45 electronic speed change
Actuation principle: Flywheel belt drive
Motor control system: Precision generator with LC display
Platter: 10,55 kg magnetically decoupled
Main bearing: cramic (ball/plate)
Tonearm: 12”; single-pivot, aluminium
Effective arm length: 304,8 mm
Effective arm mass: 19,5 g
Cartridge mass: 4 – 10g, several counterweights included
RCA connectors: gold plated
Power supply: 16Volt/xxx mA included
Dimensions: 570x 470 x 250mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 34,3 kg

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