“Now I was on a roll, and it occurred to me, without my having to think too hard: This player rocks! Indeed, the Oracle Paris played up-tempo music with apparent freedom from the timing distortions that make other players sound slow, or temporally muddled and indistinct.”

Art Dudley, Stereophile, Oct 2011

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Drive: AC synchronous motor, belt driven, external power adapter

Platter: Two piece platter consisting of an aluminum hub supporting the main acrylic platter.

Plinth dimension: (WxDxH) 19,5 x 15 x 5  inches.

The height measured at the top of tonearm is 5″; the height becomes 6″ with the dustcover installed.

Speed selection: Two buttons for 33 and 45 rpm, adjustable with potentiometer.

Suspension system: Adjustable, semi-floating sub-chassis on dual rod suspension system made of fibreglass and sorbothane decoupling.

Tonearm mounting specs:

Maximum center to center tonearm length accepted: 228 mm.

* The Paris tonearm has for basic structure the Project 9CC carbon tonearm. Oracle Audio developed the micro vibration silicone damping device for this tonearm which greatly enhances its performance.

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