ACOUSTIC SOLID – SOLID MACHINE (with tonearm and cartridge)


The Acoustic Solid Machine provides stereo images that are palpable in their reality. The bass is convincing in its extension and timing and this comes together with the other parts of the frequency range to produce an analogue playback that has a feeling of smoothly flowing, just like real music. Listening to a turntable of this quality, it is easy to see why analogue playback is gaining in popularity.

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Platter: 60 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet
Mat: Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer
Tone arm: WTB 370 with high quality phono cartridge
Control: Microprocessor controlled power supply
Drive: String-drive by a separately housed motor
Feet: Three individually adjustable feet decoupled by Teflon® discs
Chassis: 25 mm strong aluminum body
Dimensions: 380 x 380 mm; 200 mm
Weight: Approx 30 kg

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